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Puffery is not just another website development company. We carefully apply our marketing expertise to ensure the best results for any site we develop.

We don't outsource a single aspect of our work. Every website is created, managed and implemented in-house.

Every website we develop is hand-coded from scratch. It's unique, and built for you. That means we can do some exceptional things.

Our expertise goes beyond simple web development. Interaction, engagement and adaptivity are crucial to a great site and great results.

Having designed some amazing websites through our previous company, we know what works best for you.

Our careful approach to design and usability mean that you don't get just another mass-produced website. We build what works for your audience.


Our websites are all designed from scratch. We never use templates or the quick fixes to mass produce websites. When we design a website, we carefully consider the best approach for your company, industry and customers. This approach means that every one of our clients get unique sites that truly stand out.


Our team of in-house developers implement the custom features you need to have a great site. As a marketing tool, every website is different and the features should be carefully planned to reach your goals. Our great design, and our development does just that. every time.


As a business owner or marketing manager, you can spend your time better than uploading new content or changing your website. Our team offers great solutions for monthly management of your website saving you time and money.


All of our website development is carefully built to consider mobile and tablet views. With over 50% of all website views happening on smartphones, it is incredibly important that websites are adaptive. If you aren't convinced, simply resize your browser now!

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PHONE: +27 61 385 8001
Sandton, Gauteng.
South Africa
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