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Puffery provides a full marketing range of services to ensure that your unique brand gets the right marketing tailor suited to your brand's needs. Puffery's services consist of B2B marketing, social media marketing, website development, SEO backend, branding & design as well as business marketing tools. Our main focus here at Puffery is to get your brand to the standards it deserves and for your brand to STAND OUT!

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Linking social media and climbing the Google search page ranks can be tricky. That's why we do it for you with cleaver SEO backend and social media linking, your website will be sure to climb the ranks. This ensures that you can get to the top without paying for Google Ad Words and other pricy tools. Let the SEO backend do the work for you! To find out more click here

B2B marketing is highly specialised and sometimes downright tricky. Leveraging the power of a functional and effective marketing plan, B2B avenues can result in high ROI. Developing a strong brand & strategy is the first step, while making use of methods such as digital marketing and content marketing builds awareness and long-term business development. To find out more click here

Taking a company or brand to its full potential requires an effective digital marketing approach. From social media to advertising, content making, and website development, An online social media strategy is crucial, for a company or brand to grow in the digital space. Puffery works hand in hand with the website development and strategic advertising to achieve the desired results. To find out more click here


Good business marketing tools are hard to come by and can be costly trying to find the right one that will work for you. Here at Puffery we have tried and tested most of the needed business marketing tools so you don't have to. Puffery will recommend the needed tools in order to carry out your Puffery Marketing Plan for a successful marketing journey. To find out more click here


Website development is a vital key to having and maintaining a functional and successful online presence. Website development done right ensures that your customers/supporters have all the needed and wanted information at their fingertips. Whether they are looking at your site from a mobile device, tablet, or a computer. Correct website development will ensure this is possible. To find out more click here


Branding and graphic design work hand in hand, with the right design the possibilities of branding are endless from business cards to billboards, pens, folders, clothing and so much more! Our graphic design team here at Puffery will ensure that you have what your brand needs in all graphical design aspects. You will have a brand that stands out from the rest! To find out more click here
PHONE: +27 61 385 8001
Sandton, Gauteng.
South Africa
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